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If you are an online business owner, you are definitely interested in the question: how to increase sales? The easiest way: give your customers a better price for their products than the competition. But no one wants to trade at a loss. Therefore, we have prepared for you the most successful promotion ideas that will encourage new and regular customers to buy more.

The point is very simple: you choose a product or service and offer a discount. Examples of such actions: Buy more to save money

There is another way to motivate the customer to buy more: increase the discount when ordering two or more products. Moreover, these can be different positions.

This works best at the time of placing an order. After all, when the customer is ready to buy, the probability that they will agree to take another product is much higher. According to statistics, about 38% of users who saw an additional product offer at the time of placing an order will use it.

You can make such a promotion in your online store using the "Shock Offer" module. How it works: at the end of placing an order, before proceeding to payment, the customer is offered an additional product/service (there may be several of them).

How to increase sales with promotions and discounts

The customer can opt out and proceed to pay only for their own products, or they can add the product you recommend and also buy it. The main thing is to offer something that complements the product that the customer is already interested in.

This is a good alternative to a discount, because everyone likes to receive gifts. In addition, the gift is more tangible and understandable for the client than the discount. And if you really like the gift, the person can tell you about the purchase in social networks, and you will get free advertising for the target audience. Gift Promotion Ideas:

Buying two or three products, another customer receives a gift. And you, in turn, earn money by increasing the average check.

Gifts when buying for a certain amount

Ask the buyer to get the order to a specific amount of rubles to get a nice gift. You can provide the client with a choice of gifts, or you can make a surprise gift.

Organize a loyalty program and provide customers with virtual bonus cards. After each purchase, the client will receive bonuses on the card. They will be able to spend them on paying for your products. So, after making a purchase once, the second time the buyer will return to your store again, because here they can buy the product more profitably.

The conditions can be as follows: a person first purchases something, and then receives a gift for it. For example, all customers who buy a particular suitcase will participate in the raffle. The main prize is a trip to Greece for two. Such contests work to attract attention to the company and increase sales.